Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2007. Post Apartheid: SA Dispatch December 2007

December 2007. Alleman's dispatch: "Our Xmas is good. We're holidaying at Langebaan at a private swimming pool / beach resort. The big ANC meeting in Pietersburg (now renamed Polokwane) in Northern Transvaal (now renamed Limpopo Province), to choose a new ANC leader, who would become the new SA president, is an African, faction-forming scenario.

President Mbeki refuses to stand down, as only he can 'save' SA. He can't be SA president for a third term. He's extremely unpopular with the plebs and their reps, the SA Communist Party, COSATU (trade unions), the ANC youth league (very radical), and the ANC women's league (plain silly). He wants to be elected ANC leader, then have a puppet president ruling SA who he can dictate to. He nominated our female minister of foreign affairs, Zuma's ex wife, as vice president. (She of the, 'sigh... we might... sigh... possibly... sigh... have a problem... in... sigh... Zimbabwe.')

In the other corner for president we have Zuma (who only achieved grade 5 at school, and whose theme song is, 'bring me my machine gun,') who has to appear in court for R4 million fraud / bribery.

At the meeting our police chief is prominent. (He goes to court next week for having mafia connections). At the meeting is Yengeni, ex ANC chief whip in parliament. After being gaoled for fraud, he was released on parole. Two weeks ago he was arrested in Goodwood for drunken driving. Our new minister of health (alcoholic and kleptomaniac) gives new meaning to 'incompetent.'

SA's probably in a bigger crisis than in 1994. Millions are watching this crisis for different reasons: For those who stayed in SA, it'll show they were stupid staying. I get emails from ex South Africans ('have you noticed in the newspaper the last horrific murder / crime?') who secretly hope SA will go down the drain, as justification, I presume, for their emigration sacrifices. We'll see what the future brings: more good life, or renaming SA, 'Titanic?'"

Zuma was elected leader of the ANC, defeating Mbeki.

Copyright Mark JS Esslemont.

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