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2008. Apartheid Town Hill, 1992-93, If We Could

1992. I voted "YES" for reform in the last white SA referendum. Mandela divorced his wife Winnie. Goldstone Commission reported that SA violence was caused by ANC-Inkatha conflict. Blacks were "politically" killed in Boipatong. Indemnity Acts 1990 and 1992 granted criminals indemnity for "political crimes."

Rolling Mass Action - over 4 million workers went on "political" strike - ANC's stirring. Xhosa were "politically" shot at Bisho. Whites were "politically" grenade-attacked at King Williams Town Golf Club.

Thousands of Zulus "politically" died in Natal ANC-Inkatha "political" civil war.

While SA "politically" convulsed, after Fraser had stayed in Town Hill madhouse for 3.5 years, I was concerned about Fraser's treatment and lack of rehabilitation. Town Hill's Dr. Kaf unreasonably responded to my questions as follows:

"In our opinion Fraser's condition is not such that he would be able to maintain himself in society without appropriate support.

Our object is always to try to rehabilitate patients if this is at all practical. As stated above, there is no urgency in Fraser's case to do this."

Although Durban Addington Hospital had certified Fraser to Town Hill for "rehabilitation," Town Hill madhouse keepers deemed it unnecessary to rehabilitate Fraser after 3.5 years at Town Hill, yet gaoled Fraser in Impala forensic ward whenever madhouse keepers believed Fraser had broken their arbitrary rules.

Leah and I decided to emigrate to NZ, if we could, as there was no future for our infant sons in SA.

Zulu kids were "politically" killed at Natal Table Mountain. I often drove past that mountain when going back to Maritzburg. ANC communist Chris Hani was "politically" assassinated, then SA went "politically" mad: riots, property destroyed, four million people stopped work, staying at home on the day of Hani's funeral, 19 April: 25 people were "politically" killed in townships.

Protected by Transkei's puppet-general Bantu Bonke Holomisa, PAC / APLA, lurking in Transkei, "politically" attacked Highgate Hotel near our East London home, "politically" killing whites. White farmers were "politically" murdered near Harding. We drove that way, if we could trek from East London to Durbs. Thousands more Zulus died in ANC-Inkatha "political" civil war.

PAC / APLA "politically" killed worshippers in Saint James's church, Cape Town. (TRC later forgave the "political" murderers). Blacks were "politically" slaughtered on the East Rand. American Amy Biehl was "politically" killed (stoned and stabbed) by black students at Guguletu. (TRC later "politically" forgave the "political" murderers).

< 1993. Jake Esslemont, Sub B (y2) Model C Selborne Primary, East London. "The time is out of joint."

Highgate Hotel near home was "politically" attacked. Again! No dead. Dud rocket propelled grenade. "Political" killing never stopped, escalating hugely in 1993, before the April 1994 election.

As PAC / APLA terrorists were all around us, I joined Selborne Neighbourhood Watch, "politically" patrolling East London streets at night in fast cars, using radio, torch, baton, cuffs and common sense, then "politically" reporting to Cambridge SAP cop-shop.

SADF "politically" killed black youths sleeping in an Umtata ANC house.

Patrons were "politically" killed in Heidelberg Tavern, Cape Town...

After my query letters, and after Fraser's 1993 neuropsychological tests, Town Hill's Dr. Kaf informed me that Fraser's intellectual functioning hadn't improved since 1989 tests, and an occupational therapist had been asked to provide an individual programme for Fraser.

Of course Fraser's intellectual functioning would degrade, as Town Hill did no rehabilitation for four years, pumped Fraser full of drugs to keep him docile, and gaoled him in seclusion rooms, closed wards and forensic ward whenever madhouse keepers felt like it.

I was unimpressed. Still no mention of Fraser's emotional and social progress.

Fraser was unimpressed. He continued shambling around Maritzburg, if he could, while Town Hill constructed a concrete palisade wall around Town Hill.

Town Hill madhouse keepers did little to rehabilitate Fraser. He was fed, drugged, allowed to smoke, watch TV in Uitkyk Ward lounge, and shamble around Town Hill grounds. Fraser pushed out cardboard boxes at OT. Despite the odds, Fraser got fit, shambled out of Town Hill, did the Capital Climb, and earned a bronze medal, which he gave to me for safekeeping.

On one of Fraser's Maritzburg shambles, a car jumped a red light, hitting Fraser. No damage to Fraser, nor car. Town Hill madhouse keepers didn't tell me about the motor vehicle accident.

Fraser told me later.

Fraser opened his own bank account in Maritzburg, depositing pocket-money which his curator bonis sent him. His curator closed the account, as a person under curatorship couldn't have separate accounts in his name outside the curatorship. Fraser's certification and curatorship meant Fraser was treated like a child, unable to manage his own affairs. In a word, "insane."

While Fraser's curator managed Fraser's money, Town Hill madhouse keepers managed Fraser's "rehabilitation," if they could.

01.07.93. Roof of an East London municipal building , Oxford Street, was "politically" bombed off, while I strolled nearby. No one was "politically" killed. I was so deaf, I couldn't hear the bomb. Toyi-toying Xhosa "politically" pointed...

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